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Strategies Developed to Address Your Needs  

Today, Tomorrow and in the Future

Setting Attainable Goals for a Life Worth Living

Developing a process to provide financial independence for the years ahead.

In today’s modern era, individuals are living longer than they once were. The way that we save and the notion of retiring happily at 65 are often ideals of the past. In order to maintain our lifestyles and long-term financial wellbeing, we encourage individuals, business professionals, medical professionals and small- to mid-size business owners to take an honest look at their spending and saving habits before setting goals they may not be able to achieve.

From accumulation to distribution and conservation, we work with clients to address what is important to them to pursue their desired results. No one wants to run out of money before they run out of time - we’re here to help ease the frustrations that may come with such planning by providing strategies that are straightforward and easy to understand. K.I.S.S.keep it simple sweetie.

Our financial strategies include a comprehensive review of your tax, estate, investment, future income and preservation strategies by coordinating with your estate planning attorney and your CPA. You’ll find that we take a truly holistic approach to plan for your financial future by understanding that each piece of your financial picture holds importance.

All recommendations made will be in our clients' best interest.

In order to plan for the length of your life, we’ll do so strategically and holistically.


The Strategic Wealth Advisor® Capabilities Include:

Investment Management

Together, we’ll review your investments and design a personalized portfolio appropriate to your needs and goals. Understanding that volatility is a main characteristic of the stock market.

With frequent meetings to review and evaluate your investment allocation, you’ll remain aware of the decisions made and any changes to implement based on your lifestyle and its changes.

Tax Reduction Strategies

A comprehensive review of your tax return will help us highlight opportunities to help with your tax reduction strategies.  

We will coordinate with your tax professional to provide a comprehensive tax strategy. Together we will suggest recommendations of tax strategies including tax-advantaged investments, staying up-to-date on and presenting new tax laws that can affect your situation.

Income & Distribution Strategies

The growth of your current portfolio during varying economic times will be reviewed as the economic environment changes. Through an analysis of your income needs now and in the future, we’ll implement recommendations to fund your objectives and help maintain a comfortable standard of living. We will also make recommendations regarding the most appropriate distribution strategy for your employer plans & IRAs. 

Family Wealth Strategies

Preparing for the unexpected is critical all through our lives and especially important as we grow older. With an analysis of your current estate plan and concerns, we’ll establish the steps necessary to help ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of. 

"Plan as if you are going to live forever and live as if you are going to die today.” Mahatma Gandhi

We’ll review your long-term care needs, beneficiary designations and asset titling. 

Client Services & Communications

Because life events happen 7-days a week Nancy is available by email and/or cell phone if there is an urgent issue that is preventing a good night’s sleep during the weekend.

We provide a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of the most current strategy options. You can also expect quarterly, semi-annual or annual reviews in order to remain up-to-date with your financial picture. 

Lastly, we offer regular reports and financial service events to ensure our relationship is consistent.