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There Are Only Three Things You Can Do With Money

Spend It Now

Spend It Later

Spend It Never®

Discover What’s Best For You

For Boca Raton, FL and Virtually Nationwide

Providing Quality Financial Research, Service and Client Satisfaction

How much do you think you really know about money? Maybe it’s a lot, maybe it’s a little - either way, working with The Strategic Wealth Advisor® can help you discover what your wealth means to you and how you want to spend it.

We strive to meet you where you’re at - both financially and personally - in order to find strategies that empower and educate you on your path forward. In discovering what keeps you up at night, our team is able to develop strategies to help you find a sense of peace and accomplishment in your goals and in your life.

What to Expect

From Your Experience With Nancy

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Let’s Meet

As your coach, we will be supporting you every step of the way. Our advice-centric holistic fiduciary focus will provide you with options to help you pursue your personal and financial goals. 

We know that life’s road changes and we will be available to adapt your financial route as needed.

Strategize Your Playbook

Once we know where you want to get to financially and when you want to get there, we will guide you through the process to pursue your goals. We will suggest various strategies we believe you may want to pursue on your financial and personal journey. Our focus is to help you pursue YOUR vision for the future.

Thoughtful Planning

As your coach, we will be supporting you every step of the way. Our priority is to help keep you informed of your options so you can make smart financial decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

New Book from Nancy J. Hite, The Strategic Wealth Advisor®

                                                                  AS OF 2/18/2021  #1  ON  AMAZON

The Retirement Mirage

What is financial wellness? Very simply, financial wellness, like physical wellness, is a focus that may alleviate stress from a person who needs guidance sorting out their financial situation, whatever it may be—a benefit that may make happier, healthier, and more productive citizens. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

The book THE RETIREMENT MIRAGE...Time to Think Differently explores what you value and the way you think about money. Those two things can profoundly impact how much money you have and what you do with it.
Be ready for the changes in your life, finances, and mindset. Instead of focusing on retirement (the goal), focus on the process (planning for your income needs in the future). Modern medicine might keep us alive until our late nineties. Your financial plan should extend to age 100. The quality of life will, in many cases, depend on your choices along the way. We need to rethink our career choices. We need we need to continue producing income, active as well as passive income,  so we don’t run out of money before we run out of time!

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By Nancy J. Hite, CEO of The Strategic Wealth Advisor LLC®

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®), ACCREDITED FINANCIAL FIDUCIARY® (AIF®), Certified Wealth Strategist®(CWS®), Future Income Planner, Public Speaker and Author