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Important Questions You May Have

If you have a current advisor, GREAT! I am here to act as a resource for you. Finding the right financial advisor to help investors manage their finances, save for college tuition and vocational schools, save for retirement, avoid losses from stock market crashes, set up a reliable retirement income stream, save on taxes, and build an inheritance is essential and can sometimes be complicated or confusing.

As an experienced professional, Nancy can help make things simple, advise you on the rules governing taxes, address investment returns, and help you design a plan to reach your financial goals. Nancy believes her various certifications set her apart from the rest and make her a superior choice when you need help managing and lessening the overall risks to your financial nest egg.

Most sophisticated investors today want to work with a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®️) and a Fiduciary. Nancy Hite’s passion is to use her extensive training and years of experience to help her clients in every way possible.

This list of frequently asked questions can help give you better insight into what it is we do and how we do it to benefit you. If you have any questions that this list does not address, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be available to answer any questions and help get you started on the road to financial independence.

A fiduciary is a financial professional who is legally obligated and committed to putting the client’s best interests first and must adhere to a standard of always acting in the best interests of the client.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary Professionals® (AIF®) are part of an elite community of fiduciary professionals who have earned credibility and distinction in the marketplace.

People hire certified financial planners for many reasons. You may worry about your long-term financial stability, leaving an inheritance for your loved ones, saving college tuition funds for your children, or simply maintaining and enjoying the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to. These solutions do not lend themselves to do-it-yourself projects. As a CFP®️, Nancy Hite asks challenging questions and takes an objective, commonsense approach to your financial planning, giving you an individualized approach to meeting your financial goals.

Different financial professionals take different approaches. The team at The Strategic Wealth Advisor® leverages their training and experience to provide comprehensive financial planning. This means they look at more than your 401(k) or IRA; they learn about your personal goals and then craft a plan that considers: equities and other investments such as future plans and real estate, future income planning, possible long-term care expenses, estate planning, financial risk management and tax reduction strategies.

The CFP® certification is highly regarded since advisors only qualify if they already have 6,000 hours of professional experience, study and master a large body of knowledge about financial planning and pass a lengthy and complex examination.

Advisors with the CFP® designation focus on planning in various areas such as investments, taxes, estate, and insurance.

As an independent CFP®, The Strategic Wealth Advisor® is not restricted to offering a specific line of products or tools. Instead, we can recommend funds, EFT’s or investments offered by a range of firms. We work with several of the biggest, most substantial, and safest multi-billion-dollar financial firms. Additionally, as an independent financial advisor, Nancy has no incentive to promote or encourage its clients to select one product over another. This freedom enables them to develop an investment portfolio that is most in line with their individual goals.

Nancy Hite is licensed to trade securities on behalf of her clients; however, she is not a stockbroker. A stockbroker trades stocks but doesn’t necessarily consider a client’s comprehensive financial plan and whether one security versus another better suits the client’s specific goals. Investing in stocks should be just one piece of a comprehensive financial plan.

The Strategic Wealth Advisor® works with successful individuals, families, and businesses to pursue their financial goals and dreams. The average age of Nancy’s clients is 45 -75. All clients meet with and have direct and regular access to Nancy Hite and the services and solutions she provides. Nancy Hite’s clients include but are not limited to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, and healthcare executives), dental professionals, veterinarians, schoolteachers, business owners, business executives, and others.

We strive to maintain the lowest fees possible while offering high-quality services. The Strategic Wealth Advisor’s® fee for investment accounts is typically 1% of investable assets. That is only ¼ of 1% every 3 months. Just as with most Certified Financial Planners, this minimal fee is automatically taken from your account quarterly.  You never have to write a check to the Strategic Wealth Advisor.

 I tell my clients that if their accounts go down in value – as could happen if the stock market has a correction at some point – I take a pay cut, and that’s only appropriate. Our fees align with our interests. You want your account to go up in value, and I do everything I can to help you enjoy gains and avoid losses. If I’m not ADDING far more than ¼ of 1% value every three months (which I am very confident that I can do), you are free to work with someone else. If you would like to work with me on an hourly basis instead of the above arrangement, I am happy to do so. My rate is $425 per hour.  All fees are fully disclosed and mutually agreed upon before starting any work.  You will never get a surprise bill from the Strategic Wealth Advisor.

With advanced scheduling, Nancy Hite can speak for up to 15 minutes via phone or in a virtual meeting (Zoom, etc.) with any prospective client. However, the type of input or insight she can provide may be limited until she understands your specific situation, so scheduling in-person meetings or meetings on Zoom or another platform is recommended depending on your situation. Once you become a client of the Strategic Wealth Advisor, there is no time limit on meetings.

No, but Nancy believes in complete transparency and welcomes you to verify that for yourself. FINRA offers BrokerCheck, through which you can verify Nancy Hite’s clean compliance history.

Learn About Our Workshops

There Are Only Three Things You Can Do with Money: Spend It Now, Spend It Later, Spend It Never™

You can find trendy financial news almost everywhere, but it is challenging to use this generalized information to make informed decisions and create a roadmap for your future. Nancy holds webinars designed to save you time by delivering comprehensive, objective knowledge you can easily apply to your situation.

It makes sense to learn from a reliable, trusted source when it comes to important subjects such as investing and risk management. Nancy holds workshops at corporations as well as virtual (online) webinars during which attendees learn how to:

  • Integrate their finances with their goals and values
  • Properly allocate their assets within their employer retirement plan
  • Reallocate these assets as economic changes occur
  • Use investment strategies to help reduce risk and help increase returns
  • Ask the right questions when evaluating insurance coverage
  • Ensure their estate plan still functions properly under new laws
  • Create their own goals for their financial futures
  • How Tax Planning Changes during the four stages of Retirement
  • How to help you mitigate losses during stock market corrections and crashes
  • How to set up a retirement income stream that will last the rest of your life.
  • How to minimize your taxes.
  • How to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones and/or favorite charities.

    Of course, we do not just teach you about these subjects and expect you to do all the work.  We use our advanced training and many years of experience to do the work for you to help you reach your financial goals.

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